Employment Opportunities

Business & Economic Development Coordinator
Closing date: October 28th, 2022
The position will coordinate and conduct business and economic development activities; facilitate development of entrepreneurs and businesses in the Tribal community; and will secure funding and fulfill reporting requirements for the business development programs.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Cross cultural sensitivity
• Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions with minimal explanation; ability to analyze situations accurately and take effective action; ability to function with a high degree of independence and work cooperatively with others
• A successful candidate will have a strong work ethic, will be friendly, courteous, and approachable.
• Associates Degree in Business or a closely related field
Wage: $24- $28 per hour
Environmental Specialist
This position will develop and implement culturally appropriate environmental programing. This position will address current and emerging environmental issues in a culturally sensitive manner using western science in conjunction with Traditional knowledge.
Necessary Skills and Knowledge:
• Educational and/or work experience in environmental related programs
• Ability to develop and implement complex environmental programs and projects
• Ability to research and prepare grant proposals
• Ability to prepare and keep records
• Familiarity with Tlingit way of life: Contemporary, traditional, political and social with an emphasis on subsistence gathering
• Computer skills
• Knowledge of Southeast Alaska fisheries
Interested persons can pick up an application at the Chilkoot Indian Association Office
Please include a resume
Closing Date: November 4th, 2022