Housing and Weatherization

Mission Statement

The Chilkoot Indian Association believes that all of its tribal members are entitled access to safe, decent, and sanitary housing whether it is rental, homeownership, or communal properties.  The Tribe will increase the amount of decent housing available to its members within the jurisdiction by building infrastructure and new housing units, rehabilitating existing units, and increasing access for members to decent housing through financial and technical assistance programs.

NAHASDA Assisted Programs and Guidelines

Rehabilitation, Emergency Rehab, Student Vouchers, Homelessness Prevention and Renters Assistance Program

Applicant must meet the following eligibility guidelines:
   * 80% or Less of Median Family Income MFI based on family size
   * Must provide certificate of Degree of Indian Blood/Tribal enrollment card
To assist in the eligibility determination, the following documents must be submitted with each application:
1. Completed sign copy of the application.
2. Certificate of Degree of Native Blood/or copy of Tribal Enrollment Card.
3. Copies of Federal Income Tax form for previous year and/or copies of determinations of income sources such as Wages, Social Security, Retirement, Unemployment, etc.

Call or come to our office for additional information and an application.