Our new language program is funded by the Administration for Native Americans. Our first task will be to survey tribal members to see their readiness for a language program. This is a one year grant and it will involve taking surveys and documenting our local resources involving language. Once we have cataloged local and regional resources, we will write a strategic plan for a language implementation project with the help of local linguists. This will give us the information we need to apply for the next round of funding and provide us with a clear vision forward as to what goals we need to reach and on what areas we need to work. Ted Hart, our Language Coordinator, will work with local language experts and local institutions like the museum, library, school and resources in Klukwan.

All of this coordinating should build good relationships and result in seeing our language being used in many parts of our community. Most importantly, our children will hear the language and see it as common place. This will naturally give them exposure to the language and orient them in this place that has spoken this language since time immemorial. With the information we gather we will be able to see the best way forward for future learners. This might include an immersion nest for pre-schoolers or teacher/apprentice programs.

To take the Lingít Language Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NR9L9ZH