The Transportation Department was created in 2001 with responsibility to plan, design and construct road, trails and sidewalks for the benefit of tribal membership. The Chilkoot Indian Association believes that all of its tribal members have the right to travel on transportation systems that are safe, decent and modern. Development benefitting Tribal members also benefits the rest of the community.

“To take other actions to promote and protect the health, peace, morals, education and welfare of Chilkoot and its members and to serve any other appropriate governmental or tribal purpose, including execution of contracts and other agreements that are to Chilkoot financial or other benefit, provided that such agreement are not inconsistent with any provision of this constitution.”

The Transportation Department currently has a Funding Agreement with the USDOT Federal Highways department, which figures each Native Community’s funding allotment using Federal Indian Reservation Roads Program Figures. These funds, including recent “stimulus” funds from the federal government, are being used for both program and project financing.

In 2010, the Transportation Department began construction of Chilkoot Estates Subdivision and completed about half the project. In FY 2011, Chilkoot Indian Association will finish the construction of Chilkoot Street, Chilkoot Loop and Chilkoot Court, which are roads within the Chilkoot Estates Subdivision. Curb/gutter, streetlights, underground water/sewer and electric/phone/cable utilities, including fiber-optic internet, are part of this project. The roads will be paved with asphalt for ease of maintenance and for safety. The Borough will assume ownership of the right-of-way when the project is complete.

Recent Projects