Tribal Adminstration

Council Members


Council President
Georgina Hotch

Council Member
Les Katzeek
Council Member
Nels Lynch
Council Member
William Thomas Jr.
Council Member
James Hart
Council Member
Maria, Chambers
Council Member
Aliza Tompkins

SEARHC Representative
Harriet C. Brouillette

Tribal Administrator

Harriet Brouillette

The Administrative department is charged with ensuring that the vision, mission, and core values of the Tribe are expressed through all aspects of its operations. The current Tribal Strategic Plan is the result of many years of planning and identifying needs and priorities for the Tribe.

By 2006 the Tribe had grown in total employees and budget by 400% and the Council wanted to ensure that we were moving in the right direction. The Executive office with the Tribal Council worked to develop the Tribal Vision, Mission, and Values statements contained in our current Tribal Strategic Plan. Once those statements were refined we established strategic goals based on five key areas:

  • Building a Sovereign Nation,
  • Celebrating our Culture,
  • Building a Strong Economy,
  • Enhancing Educational Opportunities, and
  • Sustaining a Health Community

Director of Finance

The Director is responsible for the financial leadership and management of all financial and accounting processes and systems for Chilkoot Indian Association. This includes:

  • accounts payable/receivable,
  • payroll,
  • managing
  • CIA′s cash position,
  • internal and funding budget reporting and all
  • other aspects of financial management.

The Director prepares the financial statements and related analyses for the Board of Directors in accordance with applicable accounting principles. The Finance Director works with the Tribal Administrator and staff to develop the annual business plan and operating and capital budgets.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at CIA is responsible for all facets of personnel administration. These include:

  • job design and evaluation
  • employee recruitment and selection
  • compensation and benefits
  • performance review
  • training and development

Human Resources serves as a resource for Tribal government, Tribal members, and the community. The Organizational Development area of the Tribe’s Human Resources Department is centered on the development of the Tribe’s most important resources: Its People. The Tribe is fully committed to developing present and future generations of Tribal employees and leaders. As such, the Organizational Development agenda seeks to address development along five areas:

  • Developing new job related skills – in white and blue collar professions.
  • Developing work-readiness skills – understanding responsibilities and have positive work habits.
  • “Brushing up” – refreshing the skills, in core competencies.
  • Keeping current – acquiring knowledge and skills to keep up with the changing conditions.
  • Pursuing special interests – acquiring job related advanced knowledge, expertise, or skills.

Tribal Values

We live and celebrate our culture and heritage in all aspects of daily life and are dedicated to the preservation, cultivation, and clarification of our cultural identity.

We understand the sacred place that self-determination holds for our ancestors and shall continue our tradition of self-determination through the development of our network of contacts, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

We understand and value the scarcity of resources: land, time, finance, and quality of life, to that end we establish policies, guidelines , and standards that protect preserve, and develop our resource base and allocate these resources in the best interest of our membership.

We belong to a greater community and serve the greater good to improve the quality of life for all people.

We embrace the ideology of lifelong learning for both our members and the organization itself thereby continuously building our capacity to serve.

Respect is closely tied to our identity as Tribal members and we shall always treat all people with proper respect.

We believe diversity of thought is essential to the growth of a society and we strive to be accepting of others.